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I got a request from :iconhow-marvelous: which wanted me to do a more specific personality of Loki, to know more of him as a INTJ.

What does INTJ stand for?

INTJ is the four letters that can describe your personality.
The (I) means Introverted. Introverted means that the person is a thinker, a quite person, one who think before they talk, they often have fewer friends than other. They are happy with their own presence instead of others.

The (N) means Intuititon. Intuitition means that the person is very future looking, or they think mostly on what could be or how it will be. They are very deep and is very imaginary when it comes to thinking and theoretical.

The (T) means Thinking. Thinking is pretty simple to understand, the person would rather plan something than jump straight into it without a plan. They are logical and would prefer to do things the logical ways and not often affected by feelings. They wouldn’t want a sweet lie instead of the hard truth.

The (J) means Judging. Judging means that the person prefer to do tasks fast, is controlled and wants order on everything. They take often responsible for events and almost never regret a choice made by themselves.


A normal INTJ is normally a very intelligent person, they often have high IQ, love order and is often dominant or feel that they have to take control sometimes for the best of all. They live in a world of ideas and strategy planning, they have high expectation to themselves and often to other people. Which often can make them seem cold or heartless, but it isn’t their fault, they are very judging toward other people. INTJ make good scientists, because of their gift with being good ideamakers, finding new ways and making people follow their way of doing something.

Loki as INTJ

Loki is a very classic “Sheldon Cooper” in one way, he needs order, he is dominant, he needs people to listen to him, and he tends to be the thinker. His (N) and (J) is spesially strong with him, he looks forward, he doesn’t care about what happeneds now, in the presence time. He is also very judging in one way, he is a good listener even though he doesn’t care much for how other feels, he is good at listening, observing other, learning from them.

INTJ/Loki’s strengths

Points where Loki is spesially strong on or is gifted with it…
*Good listener
*Dominant/needs control
*Extremely intelligent
*Observing/learning from observing
I didn’t take many points with since I would want to look upon him in natural eyes.

INTJ/Loki’s weaknesses

Points which is pinning him down…
*Less forgiving
As I said, I didn’t pick too many points here either.

Specific Suggestions

There was a few things Loki did wrong in one way, which isn’t his fault, they are normal problems for INTJ, even myself I know I have these problems. So here is what he could have done to might actually have succeeded to take over Midgard or gain followers that would not have needed mind control, because there are a lot of people that would have followed him if he had expressed himself a little better, again this is a common problem for INTJs.

*He should have listen to his mind controlled followers, listening to other people opinions is a think an INTJ almost never do, they are proud and would not want anyone’s help.

*Before he began to talk he should have looked at the person he was talking to, observing how the persons attitude, feelings or mood was. And thought more about what he should have said, as we remember from the “Puny God” scene, if he had chosen some better words he would not almost been killed by Hulk. This is a common problem for INTJs as well, they are naïve and doesn’t see or feel how the person are that they are speaking to.

*Again, he was angerfull many times, which did bring some problems, it’s better to walk away from a fight who haven’t started. Again if we use the “Puny God” scene, if he had kept his mouth shut it might have helped, and not have began to shout at Hulk. And this is a problem for some INTJs, since they have this need of needing to express themselves completely, making sure the other person understood completely what they said.

*He was also very above everyone, even though he is above us in one way since he is a god, he should remembered everyone, even though those who are beneath him in his mind has something to offer, everyone has something to offer him. Either it’s wisdom or firepower. This is a extremely common problem for INTJs which other people is very aware of but doesn’t know it’s in a INTJs nature, we think we are above them and other people should understand that.

INTJs as friends
Being friend to a INTJ isn’t easy, INTJs value intelligence, ideas so not many “forfill” what they would call friends. I don’t think it would be easy to become a good friend of Loki, a normal good friend, since INTJ doesn’t need friends, they don’t need advisors, they don’t really need anyone.

INTJs as parents
Being a parent and INTJ can be very difficult, they don’t need emotions and they don’t like emotions or feelings either. They would only teach their child how to be independent, think on their own, that kind of things. But of course they love their child but it would be cold love in one way. I can’t really say how Loki would be as a parent or father since no one knows except himself, but from what I know of him and INTJ, he would have wanted his child to learn to be intelligent, independent, teach them about difficult things from a very young age.

INTJs as lovers
Being in a relationship with an INTJ can also be hard, since INTJs doesn’t value feelings or emotions, they are often seemed as cold hearted and few of them look upon relationship as required only to make their family pass on.
If I can go more into their sexual life, having sexual actions with an INTJ would have been interesting, since INTJs are known for being living in a world of ideas. They would have tried out positions, new toys and things like they, they have this need of making something work as perfect as possible.

Here I really can’t say anything about Loki since I don’t know him in real life, I know him from what I have read, seen and heard. But I wouldn’t answer how he would be as a lover.

My personal opinion of Loki

My personal view of Loki, is that he was just very misunderstood, and that was the main cause why he ended up where he was. If we look deeper into the Thor movie, and if you have seen the deleted scenes, you may remember he was given the throne, he didn’t take it, it was given to him by his mother, Frigga.
I’m quite angry at everyone who keeps calling him for mad, evil, crazy. They are people who doesn’t think before they talk, they don’t know what they are talking about. I mean, he is a darker figure, everyone has their dark sides, some more than others. But that doesn’t make them evil, and if we go back to the beginning of Thor, where we know he played a prank and let in a few frost giants from Jutonheim, I mean he is the god of mischief so I can understand why he did it. He did want to ruin his brother’s big day which isn’t that uncommon between brothers. But the way Thor reacted when he got to know it was childish, he didn’t think how it could end up for him, he broke the peace between Asgard and Jutonheim. I would say he deserved being sent to Midgard stripped for his power, and that wasn’t Loki’s fault he was sent to Midgard. And if we take that scene when Loki got to know what he really was, when he got to know he was a frost giant. I can very good understand why he became so upset, as a classic INTJ he would prefer the cold hard truth instead of a sweet lie. I would say he deserved to be angry and upset, it is nothing wrong with being upset about it, to get to know a truth like that.
So if we think about it he did absolutely nothing wrong in the movie, even though he was looked upon as the monster, the bad guy, the evil mastermind. What did he do wrong, nothing! His brother how ever, Thor did do many bad things. Like going mad in Jutonheim, breaking the peace between Asgard and Jutonheim, coming back to Asgard, even though his own mother had said he was banished, and stopping Loki from destroying Jutonheim. Loki was king, he was allowed to destroy it if he wanted to, Thor had no power over Loki when Loki was king. So it was Thor who in one way was the bad guy.
I would say Loki has done nothing wrong, he is a god, he is an INTJ, he was meant to be king. I would say since he is a god we are suppose to worship him since we are mortals, and he is immortal. I worship him like he is a god, I have done it for many years, even before the movies came out, I’m a proud member of Bifrost, the Norwegian organization for norse believers.
This is my personal view of Loki.
Feel free to ask in the comments or send me a note if you want to ask anything ^^

NOTE : I also saw when I read over it AFTER I posted it that I had written "Jotunheim" wrong all the times, so I'm deeply sorry for that, I didnt notice it after I was finish
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hippo35 Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2016
Im the same type :D as loki
PaulLu84 Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2014
I think Loki is more Intp because he's too wacky to be a J, and he's an inventive craftman by trade. But INTJ could be close. also hes shy and lives alone in the woods, so definitely an I and not e.

I think Ragnar is definitely an ENTJ and not ENFJ nor ESTP because;

Reason 1 - He can foresee where the treasure is and knows how to use new technology to get it. has vision and therefore he's an Ni user.

Reason 2 - He defies the establishment and proves the ESTJ chief wrong and is rebellious against the establishment if he thinks his ideas are correct. (a common ENTJ trait)
Reason 3 - He is the leader of the pack not because he's dominating but because he has the vision which the others believe in

Reason 4 - He is pioneering and enterprising. e.g laying out the plan for England, getting loki to build a ship, rounding up a team, carrying out the plan even in defiance of authority, whilst keeping the team together via morale. (classic example of a successful military leader whom the most successful ones in history were ENTJ field marshals) also refer to S1 EP3 and watch him command and lead the team victory against the Northumbrians on the beach.

Reason 5 - ESTPs are not organised enough nor have the vision to have that many followers when it comes to business (organised raids to gain treasure via dangerous seas requiring rock solid determination and group control skills) estps would have given up early because they LACK LONG TERM COMMITMENT. Estps make good social party leaders but not for long and tedious seafaring looting expeditions where it requires a strong serious type. Yes you might think Ragnar is a Jock and therefore and ESTP but no he's actually an ENTJ type Jock. (also the best captains in history were entj)

Reason 6 - He thinks a lot and likes to share his ideas with everyone. so he obviously uses Te. (the dominant function of ENTJ)
and therefore is an E not I.

Reason 7 - He desires expansion,not senseless killing and plunder as he can see the usefulness of everything and everyone ie Athlestan. S2 ep 3 Ragnar sees that England is fertile and they can grow many more crops than they can in scandanavia. Economical savvy typical of Te and Ni combo. Plus future vision which only Ns have.

Reason 8 - Has good international diplomatic and political skills. eg willing to talk and negotiate with the English kings using reason rather than brutality. (definitely ENTJ)
raidenlightningLK Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2014
just wanted to share: I think Loki's one of the most interesting characters (Marvel wise, not sure about the Norse myth one) to be created. :) It's sad he starts doing "bad" things...but then, his family could've taken more care of him. After all, family values help make a person who she is. 
MissPsycopath Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Loki is one of the most complex characters, one of those with more depth. He's more difficult to understand, but thats why I like him so well. He's like a puzzle cube. Each puzzle you solve, another comes after. I needed to study his character alot to find his personality. Loki in the norse mythology. I'm telling from knowledge since I'm norwegian, Loki in the norse mythology was alot...well..more serious and devious than the Marvel version, he did alot worse things. Plus he was "sex-crazy" according to myths, mating with rocks, trees, animals and such all the time. Which we know that the Marvel version dont.
oda37 Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2013
I have never looked at Loki as a bad guy, but a neutral god.
How can I become a member of the Bifrost?
MissPsycopath Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
We are norwegian after all, he was, is and will always be a god for us.
Well, first you have to be out of the christian church, then you go to [link] you should be able to find all the information there, it isnt hard, I have done it already and it didnt take long either. Hope you join Bifrost, would be kind of nice to have a friend in Bifrost ^^
oda37 Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2013
There haven't been a tree year long winter, witch means Loki is still alive. I will resign from the christian church after my confirmation.
MissPsycopath Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Well, we havent had a proper winter in almost 3 years so I'm beginning to wonder what's going on, or at least not in the northern, have been extremely little snow here the last years.
That's nice, another person, "converted" from Christian church to Bifrost.
oda37 Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2013
Not here ether. I have grown up whit Norse mythology and Vikings.
MissPsycopath Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Perhaps it's a sign that Loki have come to Midgard or something, we can only hope. So have I, or well, we learned about it at school.
oda37 Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2013
I hope so. We only had two pages about Odin and nothing else, I got a bit angry.
MissPsycopath Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Would be pretty awesome, I could imagine he would end up in Norway first before he went on his "take-over-Midgard-tour". We had a few projects about them, where we got to like chose which god we would write about, course I took Loki xD
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elsarose Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It is interesting to read your point of view on the character - especially as I'm INTJ (though I'm borderline ENTJ).

I roleplay as Loki from time to time so I have been slowly getting to understand his character - and explore it (though trying to stay as close to canon as possible). His character has many facets, he is complex. That makes the analysis all the more challenging.
MissPsycopath Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Well, I'm glad you enjoyed it and well meet fellow INTJ then :)

I do often roleplay as Loki or I'm the one who often have to do it since I know his character well. This analyse wasnt that hard actually, I mean I could have written more but I wanted to stay kind of, just scrats a little on the top in one way. I used myself as a kind of model in this analyse as well, cause I had a terrible childhood well some problems causing me to travel to a asylum. But it helped me understanding him better in the depths. But your right, Loki has many faces and many sides, I wonder if he had a star sign if he could be Gemini.
How-Marvelous Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is the same way I feel about Loki. He feels unloved, he is misunderstood. If somebody could get passed all the leather, metal and the barrier he built around his heart and give him a hug maybe he would feel different. I mean come on, everyone looks at him like a monster! No wonder he is so upset!

I love this entry, its waz fun to read :giggle: :heart:
MissPsycopath Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
That is true, he was just extremely misunderstood, and we dont know how Loki would react if someone was nice to him without mind control, I think he would have valued those who didnt see him as a monster, but as the god he is ^^

I'm happy you liked it, didnt take too long time since I'm INTJ myself so I pretty much thought a little about how he was and used myself as an example often ^3^ But I'm happy you liked it ^^
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